About Us

CV.PELANGI (REX’S) is a pastry bakery ingredients company that serves hotel, restaurant, catering etc in Bali.

CV.PELANGI (REX’S) has been established since 2000 in Denpasar Bali. Start from a small home industry where the owner wanted to developed his skill gained from his previous jobs in sales marketing, cost control, store purchasing in a five star hotel in Sanur where he started his bussiness career in the pastry and bakery industry.
His persistance in developing his bussiness and also networking in the tourism industry either as a users or helping to developed his products, CV.PELANGI (REX’S) continue to grow as what it is today.
It has been few years since Pelangi was established on May 28th 2000 where he started the bussinesswith only 4 staffs. Slow but sure it is now growing and competing with other established competitors.
Now with more & professional experience CV.PELANGI (REX’S) wants to continue growing to be the best with major products such as;

  • Frozen (Croissant, Danish, Puff Pastry, etc)
  • Fresh Bakes (assorted european bread, burger bun, hot dog bun, etc)
  • Premix (Easy mix pancake, easy mix muffin etc)
  • Pastry (Donut, Black Forest, Tiramisu, Strawberry cake etc)
  • Fresh Yoghurt (Pain, Strawberry, Blueberry, Manggo, Pineapple, Low Fat etc)
  • Fresh Pasta (Ravioli, Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccini, Pappardelle, Fusilly, etc)
  • And other pastry and bakery’s hotel need

All these are supported by the fine base flour ingredients from PT.Boga Sari.

  • Sufficient delivery vehicles are available to ensure supply of products for the customers need.
  • Fully equipped with five star standard.
  • Halal sertificate.
  • Distribution area in Bali, Lombok and in the future will be in Java and NTB.

CV.PELANGI’s priority is providing the best quality product and service for its now customer base and future/perspective customers.